GettaVet’s Mission is
to put you first in line
for short-term projects

Why Veterans Subscribe to GettaVet

  • You will be first in line for short-term projects instead of one of thousands on other freelancing web sites.
  • GettaVet only promotes service-verified veterans (and their spouses)
  • Your subscription fee is one of the lowest in the industry (fee waived for first 100 veterans)
  • GettaVet’s marketing will get you noticed and increase your opportunities

Below are just a few categories you will be able to be a part of based on your skill sets. As we build out the platform more categories will added.

About GettaVet

GettaVet is a veteran owned and operated website dedicated to serving those who served.  Millions of American men and women have answered the call to duty.  This site provides a means for active duty, retired, and honorably discharged veterans and their spouses to work on short term projects (freelancing or gigs) in the public sector.  Typical work includes home maintenance and computer technology.  GettaVet is about to launch a test phase in Arizona.  We are looking for the first 100 veterans to support the pilot testing.  Independent contractors, veteran owned businesses and veterans who perform freelancing, gigs and short-term projects to supplement their income are eligible to participate.

Sign Up Today!

We are looking to sign up 100 Beta Users by December 2019.

By becoming a Beta User, your subscription fee is waived for the first 6 months after the GettaVet platform becomes open to all Military Statuses. 

By completing the form, you understand and agree to receive periodic emails from GettaVet informing you of updates to the platform and when you can start building your profile and selecting your project categories as well as GettaVet newsletter emails. The Newsletter will contain information to help you be a successful freelancer, how to improve your skills, and other helpful resources. 

We will never sell your information to third-party companies.

To see full terms and conditions, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at 888-973-5033 or

If you selected "Spouse" as your status, please enter full name of your spouse that is associated with the Military.

Thank You Very Much!
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